The creeper world series from Knuckle-Cracker are one of my favourite games. Great strategy games. 

It's a very small team who makes them but the games are simple and very addictive!. I've played creeper worlds for hours and hours.

And the beauty of these game is: they all come with an really good editor. You can make your own puzzles and missions. Upload them and let the world play your levels. 

Normally, a game has about 50 or 60 playing hours, these games have a database of honderds of custom levels made by the peeps who bought the game.

It has thousends of interesting playing hours for a great price. Click here to play the demos and find out.

PS.: Creeper worlds 4 is in the making. See the development here


There are also free to play flashgames from the Creeper worlds series. Look here to tryout the creeper world games.

Creeper worlds 1. Play 6 missions on the Training simulator  and play 12 missions on Creeper world User Space. Or play a different mission every day on Creeper world Evermore.  

Creeper worlds 2. Play 10 missions at Creeper world 2 acedemy.


Buy the bundle of games on steam. or on the knuckle-cracker site

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