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You can download the e-book here.

Click on Download and when the pdf is loaded in your browser, click in the upper right corner of your browser the icon download ( arrow down.). Then save it on your computer.

Nieuw Anaglyph 3.1
PDF – 9.8 MB 21 downloads

Here you can download the images from the book.

You can follow the tutorials step by step workin on the same images i've used.

Birds 32
Image – 371.4 KB 13 downloads
Image – 175.0 KB 15 downloads
Salvador Dali
Image – 946.2 KB 7 downloads
Train station basic
Image – 1.2 MB 10 downloads
Uncle Sam
Image – 461.4 KB 14 downloads
Birds 29
Image – 782.0 KB 10 downloads
Sport Poker
Image – 76.2 KB 16 downloads
Part 3d
Image – 2.0 MB 13 downloads
Image – 567.7 KB 17 downloads
Image – 701.2 KB 10 downloads
Dali lightrays
Image – 140.2 KB 10 downloads
Image – 246.9 KB 12 downloads
Image – 1.1 MB 10 downloads
Image – 194.5 KB 13 downloads
Window looking out
Image – 1.1 MB 11 downloads

Download GIMP here. GIMP is an absolutely free Photoshop clone. No adverts, just install and make your images great!


Download PHOTOSTORY from Microsoft. Make a video from yout images. Also completely free.

Works on all Windows versions.

Here are a few video's i've made working on the different pictures from te book and some extra tricks and tips.

This is chapter one. First it shows how to download and install Gimp, and the first steps making a single image 3D anaglyph.